At Fitnet (Fitness Captured), my mission is to show the women in this world that being fit doesn’t need to be boring. We do not have to be rigid with our routine but make it a little flexible to inherit it smoothly at first.
Primarily, my purpose is to help all women break free from the body image issues, fear, shame, and armor that hold them back. I’m committed to developing content that encourages and empower girls. To find the fun in fitness, ditch the diet drama and embrace their inner self-confidence to assist them to realize that, sure, they are worth care for.

Be a goal digger!

Fitnet (Fitness Captured)aims to motivate women to come out of that shield which they think is protecting them. That shield women carry as a safeguard is making them a little less confident as to what they are. They are hiding behind those norms that our society has created. In our society where a woman is being judged by beauty, looks, appearance, it becomes a liability of a woman to adhere to those norms. Women think if they are not desirable as per the society’s measures they go into hiding.
So I decided to start this blog: ‘Fitnet’ (Fitness Captured) to create a platform where women could react. I have been organizing the content to motivate ladies to keep themselves fit and prompted. I want people to visit my blog and learn something out of it.
At Fitnet (Fitness Captured), my motto is to make women start loving and appreciate their bodies. I urge women to design their standards and explore every opportunity they want to.
Ladies! Stop resisting yourself go out entertain yourself and start cherishing all the little things in life. You are the hero of your life be an amazing one.
Fitnet (Fitness Captured)would love to help women like you identify, work through, heal, and release your “body image issues,” so that you can finally set down your armor and start living.

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