The entitled women project: Making healthy lifestyle a priority

Healthy Lifestyle! which to most of us strikes only as a way to live longer but then a day came in my life when it got unearthed to me that now is the time to start polishing and come out as the most authentic version of myself I could be.

It’s been a year since the day I made a healthy lifestyle my priority and thought no more hiding behind those baggy clothes and shying around fit women. So what’s next! How to feel comfortable in your own skin, I pondered?

Be Your Own Superhero!

I wanted to feel unafraid, relaxed and powerful. I wanted to step into my own sublime light and shine like a supernova. The journey has not been so easy and I’m still learning every day. But guess what? I’ve never felt more empowered than I do now. Which feels amazing! I feel more confident walking around and now I want to embrace all the happiness with my arms wide open.

But one of the best things about my journey was kind of unexpected: I found that by showing up fully and authentically, I was inspiring women around me to step into their own light. This fact motivated me to continue following the healthy lifestyle I opted for and eventually made me feel like an empowerment superhero. Now I want you to share the same feeling. I want you to feel grateful and cherish the life you have received which could only be possible once you are happy from within and value the treasure you have with you.

Healthy lifestyle would sound crazy to a woman who must be following her own yo-yo diet but somewhere within she expects a fairy to wave a magic wand and alter everything which is going wrong, so here we are to solve all your complications.

Embracing the idea of following a healthy lifestyle is beyond the saying: ‘Live healthy, Live longer’ which now has become a cliche, its more of living a joyous life and appreciating your body, beauty and soul.

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