Are we consuming enough to make our machines work?

‘Food to our bodies is as imperative as Fuel to a machine’

But the unceasing phenomenon of “Starvation” is a track which everybody is playing.

We are constantly living under the impression: “starvation mode is the best way to lose weight” but is it Real or a Myth?

Let’s understand what exactly the Starvation mode is?

A human is of the view that skipping meals aids to the process of cutting fat and accomplishing the desired frame and so they tend to starve themselves for hours a day, where eventually they are left with zero energy to carry their routine activities. Being in a starvation mode for so long slows down the metabolism and your body enters into a space where weight loss stops completely and could have adverse effects like gaining weight instead.

This is only one side of a story, if we look at the other facet of it there are people who at one point fail to starve and end up stuffing their body with the dozens of calories which is more menacing a situation than it actually seems. Skipping any meal in a day would make one starve and results in binge eating. Skipping breakfast and waiting for more than three hours (obeying starvation mode) to have the next meal is the worst event.

Results of adopting a Starvation Mode:

  • Starving yourself reduces the metabolic rate
  • It causes intense hunger and food cravings, which causes you to eat more than you’re attempting to
  • It makes you lethargic and becomes a hurdle for your routine activities
  • Terrible idea for losing weight
  • One is losing on so many essential nutrients that your body requires
  • Can have adverse effects like gaining weight instead of losing a single inch


Objective is to make ourselves aware of how to Bite Right instead of entering into a Starvation Mode and ruining our chases.

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