Workout at home: The best exercise routine for overall weight loss

The Best exercise routine for overall weight loss:

We all expect to have a six-day weight loss workout plan with specific days dedicated to targeting certain areas and we would love to stick to it. But that actually doesn’t happen. Trapped in our daily chores: office working hours, and a generally busy lifestyle it becomes difficult to keep a track of what all exercises we have done in a week.

Certain people who are unable to go any extra mile for their weight loss journey: like going to a gym, doing aerobics, attending yoga class. They usually ask me what routine they could follow while being at home and simultaneously performing their day-to-day activities.

So this one is actually dedicated to those who are looking out for functional exercises, they could inculcate in their weight loss journey. Let’s discuss the little efforts you could put in for yourself and your beautiful bodies.

How to: Perform each exercise in sets of three, repeating each move 15 times for a kick-start.

Free body-weight squats:

This is the best exercise that work wonders for glutes and butts. To squat right, hold your arms straight out in front of you, and your feet adjacent to your hips, and push your butts outwards while moving down. Continue till your hips are parallel to the ground and come back up. This counts as one squat.


Everyone hates this exercise because it consumes your full body strength. It is one of the best exercises for weight loss and full body workouts. It works for everything from legs, to the chest, arms, back, and shoulders. You can’t have any better exercise for a full body workout than this. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and move into a squat position. Then touch the floor with your hands in the space between your feet and jump your feet back into a plank. Make sure to keep your body in a straight line, and not bending at the butts or knees. Bring your feet back to the front by jumping ahead and landing right outside of your hands. Jump up and throw your arms over your head. Again go into a squat position to complete the first move and then start the next. This is an amazing exercise for proper metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Mountain Climbers:

It is a cardio based exercise and works on your abs because you constantly use your legs. Start in a plank position with your arms stretched long as opposed to on the floor. You need to keep your core tight and then pull your right knee towards your chest. Remain in the same position while you quickly push your right knee back and pull your left knee towards your chest. This climbing movement (right leg and left leg) is considered as one move. It pumps up your heart rate, and it is again a wonderful exercise for weight loss.


This one again uses your entire body strength, and is great for the core. It works on your shoulders, back, and lower body as well. For starters try to hold it for 30 seconds. Once you get familiar with this exercise use stop watch in your phone which acts as a motivation to hold it for a minute or more. Get into push up position on the floor. Bend your elbows, place it on the ground and rest your body weight on your forearms. Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders. Ensure that your body is in a straight line starting from head to your feet. Do not drop your hips down or push it towards the ceiling. It helps in toning your body if done right and aids in weight loss on your stomach area specifically.


It is an excellent way to tone your legs. For beginners, start with the ‘stationary lunge’ in which you need to keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Bring your right foot forward in a straight line till both your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Drop your left knee towards the floor without touching the floor. Your right knee shouldn’t go over your toes and keep your abs in. Repeat this with both the legs. Again a really great step towards you weight loss journey.

Beginners! Perform it appropriately and slowly at first, till the time you get comfortable doing all the exercises discussed as above. And never forget to do the repetitions because that’s where the magic resides.

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