Trip to Jodhpur

While it’s not a travel blog where I should share my travel experience with you but, I still wanted to discuss my recent trip to Jodhpur.
You must be thinking how my trip to Jodhpur has a relation with motivation. Let me first discuss the places I have been to in the ‘blue city’ and most importantly the people I went with to the beautiful site of forts and palaces.
We had a trip planned for four days that started with a train journey and ended with it. All the happenings took place within those three days to be precise. My plan of going along was an instant one, and booking a hotel or resort was not needed because of stopover at a friend’s place.
My sister, brother-in-law, my niece accompanied me to Jodhpur, or I could say I joined them later. This trip was a necessity for me to get refreshed or get rid of all the continuous chattering that happens daily in my mind. So my fairy (sister) decided to tag me along.

Day 1 of the Trip to Jodhpur:

Our train journey started, and then we reached Jodhpur around 8:30 PM. Jodhpur is a place where lights start turning off around 8:00 and markets get shut around the same time. So, we were left with no other option than to have dinner at home. Our chit-chat session started that lasted till 3:00 in the morning.

Day 2 of the trip to Jodhpur:

I tried to prepare the breakfast with all that was available and leftovers. We left our room and started our car journey towards the top rated tourist’s attraction, Mehrangarh Fort. Btw this majestic fort should be on top of your priority list if you are planning a trip to Jodhpur. We clicked so many pictures and still did not get the kick because it felt like a regular vacation where people click photographs and put it on Facebook walls to make others jealous.
My niece who was the highlight of our trip, mine personally. Then I looked at that kid and decided to take her natural shots. She started running, and I went behind her to capture that precious smile. The First realization happened at that time that how happy these munchkins are. We keep on getting conscious about our looks and think if we are looking good in pictures or not. But kids are carefree, and they always smile without any regrets or second thoughts in mind.

Day3 of the trip to Jodhpur:

A day when the cognizance was at its peak. We decided to visit the sand-dunes of Jodhpur. The second best highlight of our trip to Jodhpur. We all went there unprepared especially my sister and I. We both had our makeups on, and our hairstyles did, and we left. We never thought of taking a dupatta with us to cover our faces and hair just to make sure we don’t get another layer of makeup on our faces and natural tints on our hair.
We had no other option but to travel those 15 Kms via a jeep and embrace a layer of sand all over us. I started cribbing and my sister too that we could have carried something to cover our faces. On the other side, I looked at my niece and wondered how this kid is still excited to watch everything surrounding her. My sister said I think we need to chill a bit and stop worrying. However, I got sad thinking about all the money I’ll have to shell out to fix my hair and skin again. Our driver took us to the point from where we could see the whole area and appreciate the tiny details. The grumbling was continuously going on in my mind.
I realized how we stop enjoying the moment we are into and start looking for all the materialistic things in life. This feeling came when I watched my niece playing and rolling in the sand-dunes of Jodhpur. Yes, she took off her boots and sat on the sand and threw herself into it. My sister at first restrained and snapped at her. But it was then I protected her and asked my sister to let her enjoy. I wanted to play like her, to sit on the sand and to throw my shoes as she did. It was the moment I thought I should not let go like this instead I should capture it through a lens that I was there, and I enjoyed. I started giving poses for the photographs and did not think for once of how am I looking. Beleive me those were the most natural pose beautifully captured. I started playing with my niece and thought, this is why happiness doesn’t come to us because we don’t invite it wholeheartedly. We should embrace life with our arms open wide like these little souls do and should start living in the moment.
She hid her shades inside the sand, and we all burst out into laughter thinking of how she gives no fucks to all the materialistic things in life.
My Trip to Jodhpur has a day 4 in it too but the message which I wanted to convey ends on the third day. I should better leave you all with this thought to ponder that we need to look for a source of motivation whether it comes from a little tot. A ray of hope that we could be happy, that we could smile again, we could live our lives to the fullest.

We must keep our hearts unlocked!

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